Outfitter 800

Did you say power? Oh we got you here.

The Coleman UT800 comes factory loaded with all the features you need whether you’re out working or riding trails.

Tempe, AZ

106" (270 cm)

59" (152 cm)

72" (184 cm)

16" (42 cm)

1205 lbs (547 kg)

76" (194 cm)

10" (26 cm)

3500 lbs (1588 kg)


  • EFI - Electronic Fuel Injection allows for more reliability and direct drive power.
  • CVT Transmission with forward & reverse. Push button 4WD has limited slip and complete differential lock modes to help get you in and out of any situation.
  • Double Wishbone suspension at every corner provides maximum comfort and handling prowess.
  • Ultimate stopping power from the hydraulic disc brakes.
  • Outfitted with: Aluminum wheels, tow hitch and a 3,500 lbs electronic winch.
  • Powerful and durable 800cc liquid cooled, V-Twin 4 stroke provides the power to haul loads and revs to move fast.
  • Designed In USA


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