Our Flagship Mini Bike and American Classic.

When all else fails, this will get you home.

Our flagship mini bike and the American classic. This mini bike is perfect for tearing through trails with friends or cruising around with the family.

A love for outdoor adventure and a home base in the state of Arizona fueled the desire for us to create this bike. Our inner child drove us to build a reliable affordable entry level bike to get kids ripping trails and smashing jumps, the same way we caught the bug.

When you buy this product you are supporting hard working families.


13 under supervision, 16+

20 mph (32 km/h)

57" x 38" x 26.5" (144.8 cm x 96.5 cm x 67.3 cm)

42" (1067 mm)

6.5" (165 mm)

121 lb. (55 kg)

200 lb. (91 kg)

46.5" x 21" x 32" (118.1 cm x 53.3 cm x 81.3 cm)

153 lb. (69 kg)

0.95 gal. (3.6 L)


0.63 qt. (596 mL)





196cc, Air cooled, OHV, 4-stroke, 1-cylinder

11 N⋅m @ 2500 rpm

68 mm x 54 mm




Centrifugal clutch

Chain drive

Low pressure tires

Coleman CT200U Clutch Removal, Cleaning and Lubrication
Coleman CT200U Mini Bike Air Filter Cleaning
Coleman CT200U Mini Bike Assembly, Pre-Ride Inspection and Starting Instructions


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