Looking For a First Bike for the Youngster? Look No Further

The little guys and girls need something they can ride, too.

Coleman Powersports, at our core is a family company. We have been in the powersports industry, creating products that fill our customers with the spirit of adventure and make the adventure possible for over 20 years.

We wanted to create something that was easy enough to handle yet had enough power that the little ones could keep up with mom and dad, hence the CT100 was born.

Tempe, AZ

48" (122 cm)

32” (81 cm)

24" (61 cm)

34” (86 cm)

82 lbs (37 kg)

150 lbs (68 kg)

6" (14 cm)

Unleaded 87+

.95 Gallons (3.6 liters)

SAE10W-30 or SAE10W-40

.63 Quarts (.6 liters)


Coleman CT200U Clutch Removal, Cleaning and Lubrication
Coleman CT200U Mini Bike Air Filter Cleaning


We do not have our website open for sales of products to the public, but you can buy parts no problem!

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