49cc Scooter


Best Product 201

There are those who go and those who go well, be the latter...

A shared love for good design, commerce efficiency and a home base in the state of Arizona fueled the desire for us to create an affordable scooter for students at ASU, which happens to be a mile from our HQ. What began as preliminary notes from some of our employees. who also happen to be students, turned into this amazing scooter to get you around your campus and city.


  • World class materials
  • Designed in USA
  • Great looking product

When you buy this product you are supporting hard working families.

Practical, not tactical.

This product is the reason the company exists; affordable fun and amazing means of transportation. We wanted a scooter that fit our lifestyle, clean and modern yet dependably functional.

Designed in

Tempe, Arizona

Overall Length

72” (16.5cm)

Wheel Base Length

3.75" (9.525cm)


2.75” (7.0cm)



Engine and Transmission

Super Fast And Amazing

Q. What is the max carry weight?

A. 250lbs.

Q. How far can I go on one tank?

A. As far as you need to.

Q. How fast does it go?

A. Millennium Falcon speed.

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