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Gambler 500 Mini Bike Enduro

In the Oregon High Desert, the Gamblers are at it again. Riding 100 miles on mini bikes, and all you would expect from a Gambler 500 event.

Let the rubber meet the dirt.

As I arrive, walking out to the curb of PDX, the main airport in Portland. I am met by what can only be described as an unforgettable sight.

A massive yellow school bus covered in graffiti.

This is no ordinary bus. It has the look and feel, minus the barbed wire and mounted machine guns, of a post apocalyptic mad max esque survival vehicle. Upon entering, I am preempted to stop and retrieve a trigger that hangs out of the entry door. This is how to start this incredible monster, but more on this behemoth later.

Now our mission is to wait. We are still waiting on two more special guest arrivals. The famed Jessi Combs and the ever so interesting Chris Nelson from Iron and Air magazine.

While we wait, Tate Morgan, the famed founder of and leader of the rebel outliers The Gambler 500, escorts me around the city and not the beautiful Portland you would expect. No the sights are of the typical blue collar industrial sites reserved for those who work for a living. A common phrase I am used to hearing from my military days. And a Walmart, don't let me forget the Walmart. (actually please do, I could do without that memory from the parking lot...)

"Hungry?" Tate grumbles at me from the front seat. "Sure, I hear the food in Portland is amazing!" I reply. "Ahhh yeah, we aren't going to any place like that." Tate calls over the roaring engine.

Before we stop at the most assuming road side hotdog stand, full of truckers, hard blue collar workers, you know his people. We make a pit stop at an alcohol distribution warehouse. Pabst Blue Ribbon was kind enough to sponsor our shindig in the Oregon high desert with a few cases of beer and a couple hats. Thanks Pabst, still rocking that hat today!

Back at the hotdog stand, I can't help but notice the drive through coffee stand in the parking lot. The sign boasts bikini clad women and hot coffee. At least the coffee was hot...

More later....

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